About Us

 The Dania Beach Vervet Project was started by Ph.D. Deborah (Missy) Williams, in January of 2014. The project is housed in the primate lab at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Williams (Missy) is collecting non-invasive behavioral, ecological, genetic, and ethnoprimatological data. Her field assistant, Cheryl Ruiz, is a biology major at Broward College. Cheryl plans to study the Dania Beach vervet population for her future graduate research.

Get involved

Be a citizen scientist! If you see a monkey please use the link to report a sighting. Your input is a valuable data point to help understand how the monkeys move through the urban landscape: http://www.vervetproject.org/record-a-sighting/

Your opinion counts! Please fill out the anonymous survey to let us know what you think about  the local monkeys: www.surveymonkey.com/r/P73GTZW

If you are interested in working with the project, please email your resume to be considered. We welcome those that work independently, think critically, and possess some field experience.

Next Steps...

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